La Grotta Ices

Stationed in the court yard entrance to Village Press was La Grotta Ices stand. Good idea for a sunny spring afternoon (luckily!) Kittys, with the wide 'cat that got the ice cream', smile logo reminds of 'Bat Man' .. super heroine home made ice cream!

Naturally by the time we left we sampled every flavour! Kitty had.. bar the rhubarb + custard ripple, all gone by the time we got there, we tried rice + cinnamon, easter egg stracchiatella (on the left) & kiwi fruit sorbet (on the right).


zoe said...

Hello what is kitty email address, i would like her to sell ice cream at an event

Style Canteen said...

Hi Zoe Kittys email is Get in touch you'll love her ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Style Canteen!
Hi Zoe, please write to me for all ice cream requests at: