Lil Luxury's

sparkly russian doll corsage & the perfect chocolate chip cookie from Baker & Spice..

Lil luxury's come in small packages.. a gold sequined gift from Kenzo. Its a russian doll corsage a little bit of sparkle to cheer up my old denim jacket and the chocolate chip cookies. I used to bake.. ALOT, it was an ascent into the delights of choc chip cookies, brown sugar, icing sugar and cake cases that needed slowing down. Maybe I slammed on the brakes a little hard other than the odd cupcake and a summer fruit cheese cake I haven't baked, baked in years. I'd like to though so I'm on the lookout for lesson. I popped into my local Baker & Spice in Maida Vale and while I waiting in line to buy my favourite 'perfect' chocolate chip cookie I had an idea. I went through a phase where I sampled near enough everything on the menu at the restaurant in Queens Park. There you can sit down next to someone you don't know at a large oak table kitchen table and eat cakes! These guys have a quality selection of cakes, breads and pastries so I was sure they'd have baking classes right?? I asked the assistant and actually they don't, an idea for the suggestion box maybe!? Interesting fact that he did share the Baker & Spice has recently been acquired I think by Patisserie Valerie?


mysterycreature said...

Lovely. The cookies made me realy hungary, and the little brooch is beautiful! Very cute!

Style Canteen said...

their cookies are the best.. shame about Patisserie Valerie.. hope they keep cookie reciepe