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This is a sneak preview, the first leg of Rebecca Robinson's design documentary. Rebecca is the talent behind psnob. And psnob are 'artbags', that's bags that are made from original pieces of art. As an artist Rebecca's work is beautiful ! oil painted mixed media collectables taken to the next level. Painted on canvas and tailored into the most beautiful clutch bags and voila an artbag, art'cessory! When I first saw psnob they reminded me of the magazine clutch bags I have from the 60's they've been around since the late 50's I think? My magazine clutch is precious, its wrapped in tissue paper, the thought of anything happening to it is too distressing so it hasnt had an outing for years! I'm guessing I'd be the same with psnob!
Rebecca Robinson .. at work

Back to the sneak preview, the final edit wont be ready for another few months but it'll be an in depth look into the journey of an art'cessories designer. A concept I have no problems getting behind. Generally designers don't reveal details of the process, its on a need to know basis, have a look at the website and you'll get why I'm loving this. The idea behind revealing so much of the mystery is really to inspire and encourage other artists and designers and also explain how hard it really is to break into the industry and be accepted, as well as the ups and downs that come with it. In the climate that we're muddling about in this is the perfect network worthy story of hardwork, willpower and creative talent. Its a story I'll be following .. keep you posted.
images and video courtesy of psnob

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