Yasmin Le Bon Car Crash Dummy in Wonderland

We live in a fickle world.. this we know, but lets just agree that 40 is actually the new 30 and you really are as young as you feel. Then Yasmin Le Bon is pushing 27.. 28 maybe? Thankfully Mr & Mrs Le Bon and her kick boxing addiction fly in the face of stereotypes, she's a model, she's gorgeous, she's a mummy, a wife and a kick boxer and doesn't she look fab doing it...all!

So its official they're back .. after an extended break, the original supermodels are back on the circuit putting themselves back on the fashion map. I wonder, do they go on 'go see's' ?, I wonder what its like full stop dealing with agencies, new faces, is the 'language' the same? I like the idea of a models renaissance, like a rebirth of cool, a revival of learning the supermodel culture,at least I thought modelling in the 80's was cool, old school by today's standards but way cooler. It was new and anything new that has beauty, personality and attitude attached is hot. Any of the young ones paying attention can pick up a few survival techniques, lessons in longevity from the perspective of an experienced mature supermodel. At 44, Yasmin looks amazing being one of the very first supermodels in the eighties, the Le Bons, Yasmin and Duran Duran rock star hubby Simon are the quintessential 80's success story. Le Bon is not the only supermodel getting herself back out there. Claudia Schiffer is on the cover of Vogue and fronts both YSL and Ferragamo, Christy Turlington is doing the same for Bally and Escada and Linda Evangelista is the Prada Phone lady.
Look out for Yasmin on the cover of Wonderland Magazine's April/May '09 issue
Images courtesy of Simon Thiselton

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