Am I Beautiful ?

My experience from being a contestant on the first series of 'Colleens Real Women' ( yes, I was) is that although the industry is keen to appear that they are ready for us ( Real Women) , the reality is that it will take years, possibly decades before significant change is made in the representation of beauty that is truly diverse, beauty that embraces curves as well as slim line hips. Beauty that loves noses, lips ,eyes and bums of every shape and size. Yes we've come a long way but we still have miles to go . Do me a favour , today stand in front of a mirror ( naked!)  take a long hard look at yourself and say 'I am GORGEOUS' ... because you are. 

Be sure to follow this link to read a thought provoking article by Rachel Shields on the fashion worlds present flirtation with the use of 'Real Women' in advertising campaigns and on the covers of glossies. Have the fash pack finally embraced beauty in all its magnificently diverse forms or is this just another 'trend' that will soon be cast aside quicker than we can say 'harem trousers' 
L.O.V.E Chantal 


Mar said...

stand in front of a mirror ( naked!) take a long hard look at yourself and say 'I am GORGEOUS'I do this all the time: mirrors, shop windows, spoons...I know I am gorgeous, and now, so do several startled strangers.

Style Canteen said...

Hey Mar.. startled strangers..! why not admiring strangers! .. but girl careful of those spoons lol! .. ps thanks for dropping by