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Apologies for the sad picture quality, not my fault entirely (I'm not blaming the equipment..but actually I am, C501 not the best in poor lighting and the shutter speed is too slow.. i think!) We're at the most recent Fashion Business Club networker at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in Pall Mall, London to hear identical twins Danny & Annette Felder of design label Felder Felder.  Ladies with an attitude mashing music and fashion. In person they're statuesque.. easily 6 foot in heels, on point and together, its hard to imagine them out on the razz for days at a time but they told thats what they do, work hard and party harder! 

They shared much in the way of candid insider insight.. from their days learning the trade at Central Saint Martins to interning with Stephen Jones to their 'double trouble' twin dressing days in a tiny German village, to the music and images that inspire their collections. Their studio's seen it all, dancing to Grace Jones, Hendrix, The Doors catfighting and then of course making up, sometimes they're their own house models! and they never compromise on the design, if both arent loving then its out. They're just able to tell us about a uniform project with Nobu Berkely Street and offer these words of wisdom to start ups.. "you cant dont listen to too many people, just those that were there in the begining"

Felder Felder on sale at Browns South Molton Street

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