Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Graduate Show

Photography Ronald Stoops / graphic design Paul Boudens & Chris Gillis 
Its Graduate show season.. Artesis Hogeschool - VZM Hacom, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp will present their latest graduate work  at SHOW2009 June 11-13 .. for further details .. The annual graduation show of the Fashion Department, Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen is a celebration of fashion, bringing together some 6000 spectators from all over the world, to judge and/or admire and soak up the unique atmosphere of this grand defilĂ©. Once a year, the building is filled with friends, fashion enthusiasts,manufacturers, ex-students, designers, stylists, culture buffs and media vultures. FYI.. the show is repeated three evenings in a row. Students from all four years show their work on the catwalk. An international jury of experts in fashion and creativity judge their collections & installations. FYI.. The image is of a model slash dancer doing air splits armed with a weapon tucked in her tights..

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