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Yesterday evening I was invited to join Jaeger celebrate Jaeger 125 a small intimate soiree with fabulous guests and a great selection of canapes. Jaeger 125 is the exhibition and book celebrating Jaeger's 125th anniversary. I'm told its the first official book devoted to Jaeger, past and present, which is surprising since the brands been around 1884 by today's standards thats heritage brand status. A stellar curation project by  Amy de la Haye and Judith Clark Readers and joint MA Curation Course Directors of at the London College of Fashion. 
I flipped through the only copy of the book at the show, to spare guests having to carry the coffee table book around all evening its being mailed out this week, if any one wants to have a look I can share them at a later date. Bumped into luxury footwear designer Beatrix Ong, (we were in David Jones Fashion Business Managment class with Maria Chen Pascual.. 'Class of 2oo1') just as a waiter dropped a tray of champers at our feet and Charlotte cheered "museltoff!" poor waiter.. i think he was alot embarresed! 
The book has page after page of inspiring iconic images while the exhibtion use original objects from the archive including catalogues with cuttings of fabric, contempoary shop interiors which would not be out of place in a contemporary showroom cum hotel, work by designers and artists William Klien, Sir Norman Parkinson and Rene Gruau, whos work I didnt realise I was familiar with until I did a search on Google!
Judith Clark, Harold Tillman & Amy De La Haye / Daisy de Villeneuve & Lulu Guinness 
Beatrix Ong / lady in Jaegar coat dress..
Belinda Earl & Alexander Shulman / Ed on the right 
Amy & her girls from MA Curation / some of the LCF Marketing team
Neri Karra modelling an original Neri Karra  clutch bag

Maria Grachvogel / Peter York / Sim Scavazza & Liz De Havilland 

Image courtesy of John Alex Maguire & Style Canteen.net 

Jaeger 125 runs until Friday 29th May 
Fashion Space Gallery
20 John Princes Street
Mon-Fri 10 - 5pm.. entrance is free..

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Ondo Lady said...

I heard about this event and would have liked to attend. It looks like a great time was had.