Living My Life Like It’s Golden….

Sometimes life really does seem to spin madly out of control and being the control freak that I am  ( think Monica from Friends) , I don’t always react in a cool , calm and collected manner.  For the past few weeks I have been simultaneously dealing with laptop bugs, tummy bugs and strange bugs in my flat. Well these things do tend to happen in threes don’t they ?  It’s been truly frustrating as I have been receiving some amazing products that I have been chomping at the bait to share with you all. 
I could waffle on about the dramas of the last few weeks but I won’t ! Everything has simmered back down (health back on track , using friends laptop , have learnt to BACK UP and the creepy crawlies are all gone) .

Now on to the good stuff.. In the world of beauty, hype about new products can really be just that …HYPE. Then there are times when the most sumptuous and innovative products are seemingly hidden under the desks of Beauty Editors, only to see the light of day when the constant hounding of the products PR reps forces the editor to share the joy of their new discovery. Belmacz Beauty is for me a victim of its own loveliness. Created by Jewellery designer Julia Muggenberg, the range effortlessly fuses make-up and adornment. Think lush golden eye shadows enriched with 24-carat gold leaf, shimmering dust made from finely crushed real pearls ,pots of vividly coloured shiny lip glosses begging for fingers to be dipped into their pools of gold leafed enhanced luminosity and you'll be on the right track.

I was granted the perfect opportunity to try out the range on a recent date (yes, I actually had a date!) with a very lovely young man. I wanted to create a golden glow and I  needed my skin to look like I had just returned from a weeks worth of sunning it up in Martinique.

For this look I applied just one layer of Blitz eye shadow and slicked Halo ( the rose flavoured lip balm /eye brow fixer) just under my brow line and on the apples of my cheeks.  I then let loose with Pearl ( the shimmering dust ) all over my face and on my shoulders.  To give my overall look a little punch I used Revlon Red on my lips but then applied two dabs of Glow lip gloss in the centres of both my upper and lower lips to pull the whole 'Island glow' look together.
I am by no means a professional make up artist and I generally use my fingers instead of brushes. The Belmacz products really indulged my inner finger painting self , it was like dipping my fingers into melted jewels. My favourite products in the range are definitely Blitz ( subtle bling for the eyes) and Glow ( sweet smelling- 24 -carat gold leafed - long wearing lip gloss!).
Kudos to Madame Muggenberg for creating a range of make up that is unabashedly indulgent and unapologetically feminine. I adore the products. It's as simple as that.
L.O.V.E Chantal 

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