Collectable Trash

Inspired by pedal powered push bike a team of international designers are exhibiting works at Mewecycled. The collective includes some clever re-use's of materials and creative recycling which includes amongst others a strong UK contingency. Including Ting recycling seat belts into bags, Nick Rawcliffe ex skateboard deck chairs and clothing curiosities fashioned from ex-office furniture designed by Ryan Frank. In their own words "there is no recycling without cycling and no cycling without recycling". Aiming high the exhibition hopes to inspire a global movement that reduces landfills while at the same time breathing new life into waste. Furniture, lighting, clothing, bags and objects.. As the old saying go's one mans trash is another mans treasure. Browse the collection at Mewecyle shop in shop

Mewecycled runs fron 2nd - 20th June '09 Colette 213 Rue Saint-Honore 75001 Paris

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