Penny Martin Nominated Fashion Communicator 2009

Nominations and special honors for the fourth annual Scottish Fashion Awards in association with have been announced this week. Amongst them one of my personal favourites at LCF Professor Penny Martin (ROOTSTEIN HOPKINS CHAIR OF FASHION IMAGERY)A few months back I was invited to sit in on a Contemporary Curating Professional Practice class Prof Penny Martin was the guest speaker. She gave us an amazing talk about her work at SHOWstudio and set the group the task of re-imagining an article already printed in a magazine and refashion it for the Internet. I'm not a Curator, so I think I pretty much flopped on that one but it did inspire me to have another go at working out an idea of my dissertation. I've borrowed this line from Jo Craven at its a short & sweet summary of 18K word dissertaion topic..  what with the growing trend in 'fashion film' "do we need the catwalk when we've got pixels?" 

I have to be honest and admit I've only recently been introduced to Prof Martins work but I have been keeping on eye on Scotland and fell in lust with Bebaroque tights and Keira Thorley bows. Now that I see Prof Martins nomination amongst the diverse group of rising stars and fashion industry leaders as Fashion Communicator of 2009  I'm glad I took the opportunity to get involved in thinking outside the marketing box. Winners will be announced at the glittering awards ceremony and Gala VIP event on Sunday 21st June at Stirling Castle, Scotland. 

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