Oh Mikey.. My Ears

It was my birthday yesterday, bar the 3 seminar / classes I had time tabled and ideas of a spa pamper day that I cancelled because of said classes, I hadn't planned much. So when I got organised and made it to 'My Mickey Ears' launch at START women's boutique in Rivington Street i had lovely surprise. Big thanks to Raoul for inviting me along it made my birthday! I laughed, ate some ridiculously naughty treats strawberry's dipped in white chocolate, mini cupcakes, mini Mickey Laduree Macaroons. If you've ever been to START you know its a boutique with copious amounts of eye candy to tempt the monies out of your purse and despite a load of happy mickey mouse ear wearing smiley folk carrying food and liqui,d Brix the brave still had clothes on rails and jewels in cabinets!

Brix Smith-Start START Boutique slash Designer rival on Goks Fashion Fix

The whole evening scored a high 10, the perfect execution of make 'em feel good, get them smiling, keep it light with the obvious serious undertones of raising money for Great Ormonds Street Childrens Hospital. The celebrity customised Mickey Ears Exhibition is on view at START until 27th May before being auctioned off on Buy Once Give Twice bidding closes at 8pm on 5th June. We had alot of fun, fun is infectious, its silly wearing Mickey ears, but nearly everyone had a pair on. Mickey the helium balloons, glitter glue, feathers and sticky on crystals made you feel like a kid. And there's more watch the video.. the single ladees dancing to Beyonce Single Ladies  (whoop whoop!) .. 


only has ears for his set.. Mix Master Holland / lego neck piece inspired by JCDC 

Mickey's Parisian 'Pansy' Punch.. & slight wonky..
Mickeys Girls.. 
Charlotte Olympia wearing killer red suede Charlotte Olympia heels
This is what I call vintage ..that's vintage Issey Miyake bat winged teamed with 
another pair of killer heels by Charlotte Olympia 

My Mickey Ear Gallery 
lonely heart ears /  Sam's Fancy Feathers / Beverley Knights kooky rainbow ears

My 'My Mickey Ears' creation.. the 'Mickeys Girl' ears..

START boutique basement was converted into Mickeys craft creations corner.. I made the Mickey girl ear.. walked up the stairs out the door, took 5 paces to left and lost them! On the way over to Sam's boutique we played spot the mickey balloon along Shoreditch High Street, the smiles lasted all the way to West London.. trying to control two metallic filled balloons tied to your wrist on the tube is definitely a conversation starter.

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