Talullah Tu

We're big fans of shopping so when I shop on-line I shop with a purpose. To always find the best bargain, with each best bargain out doing the last. Best bargain criteria involves a fine balance of style, the best quality and a healthy discount. If you hunt like your on a mission there's always a best bargain ever waiting to be mailed out to you. Generally I know exactly what I'm going to do the routine is.. head to e-shops I know and trust.. I'll browse the 'others' and even go so far as putting bits & bobs into my basket but converting that into a purchase is hit and miss. There are studies and retail researchers trying to understand the habits of shoppers like me who abandon baskets full of shopping  dont why I do, probably a whole bunch of reasons.. but that's another post!

In my case what turns a gawker into a shopper is simple I have to love the stuff and/or its on sale at a discount you cant resist. So it is in the case of Talullah Tu .. Being a fan of statement jewellery these pieces immediately stood out, I'm excited about this website.. 'catwalk style jewellery and accessories' and a fraction of cost sounds good right? Well its not just a tagline... I've picked out a couple of choice acrylic pieces, check out the site, there's plenty more. Keep it simple and let the jewellery do the talking.. just in time for summer.

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