Lost Dreams and High Hopes..

Lost Dreams & High Hopes from twenty%extra on Vimeo.

This is a shameless plug for the lovely and extremely talented  creative duo... twenty%extra !!.. A quirky name for a quirky agency, twenty%extra is the unusual mix of creative agency and social enterprise. Partners Ansel Neckles and Stephanie McLaren both wanted to use their creative skills in advertising and the creative industries to start a new business. Not content with just helping big brands to get bigger, as they did in their past, they also wanted to have a positive social impact.

This realisation was the birthplace of twenty%extra – a creative agency that also invests in community values, utilising creative practises to engage and educate young people and communities while providing workshops to placements and long-term employment.

But it doesn’t stop there. twenty%extra believe that in order to change something you need to do something. And with their daily mantra of “Effective communication leads to effective change”, twenty%extra set about creating Campaigns For Change, the agencies ambitious aim of using advertising strategies as a catalyst to create a social impact.

Working to their own briefs, twenty%extra invest time and profits to produce campaigns based on current social issues. Applying conventional advertising techniques as well as grass roots experiential activities.

In essence twenty%extra is about one thing – a conversation. The belief being, a good one happens when you take the time to listen to the other party before you do any talking. To know your audience is to have something to say to your audience, not to mention the places you need to say it.

There’s a lot that needs to be said, and even more that needs to be done, which is perhaps why when asked how they’d like to be remembered, Ansel and Steph replied “as younger Tony Benns, with less grey hair and whiter trainers.” LOL! .. curious? then get in touch

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