Peaches Wound issue VII

Images from the latest issue of Wound Magazine issue 7. The crazy image of Peaches coming out of the background is the cover and the image of Peaches eating a peach with the claw talons is inside.. and below is a little behind the scenes of the shoot, courtesy of Nora Nona..
"It’s 3.00pm when I walk into Victor de Mello’sstudio loft just off Kingsland Road Dalston. I’ve been booked to do makeup for the singer Peaches for the cover of Wound, the theme being 'beige on beige'.
Charles is styling the shoot and introduces me to the vibrant artist who turns out to be a petite woman who is very down to earth, and puts one at ease straight away. She stands to greet me with a big smile and I see the front of her hair has been bleached blonde for our shoot, sides of her hair shaven, giving you a real punk flavour.
Are you ready to start with your make-up?” I ask her politely, trying to sound calm (we have only two hours to do hair, make-up, dress and shoot her) she has a gig at 6.00pm. With no time to lose, Kavita, the nail wizard has already prepared and gets stuck in straight away.
Hairdresser Sam is cool to work at the same time as me, so there’s Peaches with someone working on her newly beached hair, myself working on her face and Kavita on nails. While this is all going on we’re also being filmed and asked questions about what’s been going on in her life, and what we’re doing as we’re working.
I start by preparing her skin with Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera; made from volcanic obsidian it’s very mineral rich and her skin just drinks it up. “Sorry my skin is so dehydrated” she says apologetically. “Don’t you worry sweetheart” I reassure her “it’s pure magic I have in this here pot!” We laugh together. “I need it, I’ve been travelling and working a lot recently!” Crema Nera creates the perfect canvas to work on the i use Christian Dior’s new Diorskin Nude foundation. I’m a makeup artist who always airbrushes to create a flawless finish and when I start to do so Peaches says “oh I love those machines! I would love to get one to take on tour, ‘cos they’re so quick.” The excitement in the air builds as it’s now show-time as she jumps in front of the camera to work her magic. Before we knew it, that whirlwind of fussy creativity was over…BUT WHAT A MOMENT!"

Artist: electro rocker 'Peaches' Photographer: Victor De Mello Stylist: Charles Adesanya Make-up: Nora Nona

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