Beam Me Up Scotty

Summer is well and truly here and I am excitedly busy planning and researching my summer sojourns for this year. I have to head over to New York for a dear friends wedding and am also planning a girly break to Espana with two very cool senoritas.Travelling for a product junkie like me often turns into an utter fiasco. I am NOT the girl that over packs with clothes, shoes and handbags . I AM the girl that is loathe to leave any of my beloved cleansers/exfoliators/moisturisers/facemasks/hair oils behind. I want to take it all with me!Reality is that I can’t for reasons far beyond the enforced airline restrictions ( it’s just not practical, I will have no room to put all the new products that I will undoubtedly discover on my travels etc etc ). This is when I normally start to panic in search of the perfect Travel Kit that I can actually take on the plane with me ( in -flight skincare is a must) and still have enough ‘stuff’ left to use on my holiday.
Well, the lovely ladies of the beauty department at The Communications Store have come to my rescue and pointed me in the direction of Lisa Hoffman's Night and Day 24HR Skincare . This is skincare which was developed with the consummate traveller in mind. Your daily dose of skincare (Cleansers,Day and Night Moisturisers,Toners,Serums and Eye Creams) all come in space age looking ampoules and contain just the right amount of product for each specific stage of your regime. You can purchase as many days supply as you need for your holiday and the packettes are super portable. What's even better is that a lux looking linen drawstring bag is also provided for you to store your packettes in ( or not!)
L.O.V.E Chantal


Helen-LG said...

Love the packaging!

I also have trouble packing skincare, etc for holidays and the aircon on planes can really dry you out so this is a really good idea.

A friend of mine always swears by decantering her products into those little canisters 35mm camera film comes in, which is fairly ingenious I think!

Chantal said...

Hi Helen,
We know it's a year late and we are VERY sorry about that but sometimes our notifications just don't come through !
LOVE the idea of the camera film canisters ..genius! I am flying to Jamaica in a few weeks so will give it a try. Hope you have a great Summer 2010
Chantal x