From the Streetmuse ..'High Summer'

Doing a round of retail gawking for new tee shirts and spotted MTV Streetmuse collection in Zara Oxford Circus. MTV & Zara interesting brand collaboration..(not a celebrity designer in sight) Streetmuse is a rather nice range of graf print tees representing some of my favourite architecture. The 'high summer collection' that's in store now is for the style conscious music & I would add iconic architecture appreciator. The tee's mash up iconic buildings, graff style visuals, music references and objects of the streets. A mix of old school Pop art graffics re-presenting the grand daddy of Bauhaus Walter Gropius' Bauhaus building in Dessau Germany, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the David Broderick Tower and the Michigan Central Depot in Detroit and the beautiful Caminto in Buenos Aires. Music, fashion and buildings .. my favourite!

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