I Want to be Italiano ...

I celebrated my '21st' (ahem) birthday a few weeks ago and not only did my fabulous friends throw a surprise Tea Party for me but I received gorgeous gifts too! I am a very lucky lady . My gift from my friend Kate came with a disclaimer ' You will become addicted to this product but it is only available in a few supermarkets...in Italy' (It's actually available on Amazon too , but keep that to yourself).

With those words she handed me an azure blue plastic bottle labelled 'Aqua Distillata Alle Rose' that's distilled Rose Water to us non Italian speaking folks. This very special Rose Water toner produced by Manetti & Roberts has been around since 1867 . It is made only in Italy using distilled water from Florence and the pure essence of the Centiflora rose petal, the solution contains no colorants or alcohol and the original formula has never been altered. Italian women have been using this toner for more than a century and swear by it's refreshing and softening qualities. I have been using it for a few weeks now and am, ( as Kate predicted) equally addicted.
I have begun to keep my precious bottle in the fridge and after a particularly long day I soak two cotton pads with the water and place one each over my closed, tired eyes for a few minutes. This for me is complete and utter bliss.

The formula isn't the only thing that hasn't changed for this cult product . The packaging is gloriously vintage and not one line of the original design has been interfered with ( if it isn't broke then don't fix it!) . I find myself staring at the beautiful bottle and imagining myself strolling through a 'giardino bello' filled with blossoming Centiflora roses....ahhhhhhhh


Heidi said...

Oooooooh again I'm mesmerised and enticed.....I WANT some Centiflora distilled Rose water direct from Italy with a century old recipe too!!!!

Aaah...I can smell those roses all the way from Australia..

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I have this product sitting in my bathroom..picked it up by mistake in a tiny grocer in Maristella, sardinia...it is a fantastic toner!! It is so beautiful..I thought it was just me going gaga over it!