F.I.T at L.C.F

There's a good reason why this a picture less post! (I'll explain later). Last season sitting in the media centre in the British Fashion Council tent as I was Twittering and updating the blog after a show and met a lovely lady who was curious about Twitter. So we chatted about micro blogging exchanged cards, our paths crossed for a brief moment then ..went in opposite directions.

Then a few months later a get an email from the same lovely day who is actually Julia Robson formerly the Fashion Editor at the Daily Telegraph inviting me to be a guest lecturer on a summer course she was running at the London College of Fashion for students from F.I.T .. the Fashion Institute of Technology NY. I used to guest speak with the London Fashion Forum to students at LCF when I wore my old accessories designer hat. Julia asked if I could come in and talk about blogging about 'new directions in interactive media'. I said sure no problem, and then the worrier in me got cold feet, what if I flopped? or forgot everything I'd learnt about marketing communications? I needn't have worried other than a couple of mishaps.. how do 15 tables suddenly disappear from a classroom over a lunch break? it was a warm room I talked and talked.. and smiled to myself as I spotted at least one student sleep asleep.. naturally the very warm room was at fault or was the conversation not as scintillating as I had planned!?

Questions came from around the room, from bloggers and would be bloggers. Getting started?.. getting content? and most importantly.. getting paid? An interesting question thats crossed my mind a few times .. can fashion blogging be a source of income? (thats a open an question?)
In response to a question about whether bloggers were a credible source of income a young lady who had worked at a digital marketing firm shared her experience of how important bloggers were to her job. Her company placed a high level of value on their relationships with bloggers. I wondered whether that's the same here in the UK? With the popularity of blogs with a strong voice and message on the increase the likes of Style Bubble and The Business of Fashion are helping the UK close the gap.

Okay so the point of this post was to say thank you to Julia for inviting me to join her class, and if your reading .. the Fashion Institute of Technology students from the BS Advertising & Marketing Communications course.. who studied with Julia Robson at the London College of Fashion this summer you guys were great! Daphnee and Johanna thank you fro dropping by the blog and getting tin touch. It was lovely sharing time with you all, I hope London treated you well!

And the reason there are no visuals with post all I can say is while I was talking about blogging ..I wasn't in blogger mode .. I didn't take any! (strange.. but true!)

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