Networking at LS:N Global

After a couple of a couple of very pleasurable run-ins with the influential trends and research hub Future Laboratory, last week I went back for third helpings. A space came up on the LS:N Global network evening at the last moment (LS:N Global Network, take a peek at the new and improved website designed by MadeThought, its very swish!) So this was to be my first visit and that evening I was flying solo (which I never normally do). Stepping out of my comfy zone and onto LT's overheated Victoria Line I joined the LS:N'ers at the Rough Luxe Hotel.

I arrived in time to be served drinks by a familiar face. Have you ever had that moment where you recognise some one and it's a "ah yes! I recognise that face I've seen it many times.. that's my neighbours, mate, cousin.. right?.. wrong".. Well I knew i recognised the gentleman behind the bar slicing my lemon for my fizzy water. I just didnt expect Chris Sanderson
Future Laboratory' Co-Founder & Strategy and Insight Director to be serving me from behind the make shift bar! cute and totally unexpected.

Gallery courtyard Martin Raymond & Peter Marigold

And then I guess I was wandering around the courtyard looking like billy no mates because Martin Raymond (Editor-in-Chief of Viewpoint, LS:N Global and Director at Future Lab) stopped me, explained how the evening worked and very kndly pointed me to a group of networkers with room for one more inside Rabih Hage's studio gallery. Two unexpected and warm first impressions, at this point I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Which was spread out over the gallery and courtyard. A series of salon style rotating forums where the speakers roatated around the guests, giving short design themed presentations/discussions..

Martin Brudnizki Rabih Hage

I was in the group chaired by Chris Sanderosn, we were 5 girls and a guy.. who happened to be Sheridan Coakley the MD of SCP Furniture. Informal chit chats about the various design environments the speakers worked in, they shared their experiences,
observations of the industry and a few trade secrets. Each round table had an opening question we had the 'great art / design debate in a post recessionary market'. Peter Marigold's experience from sculpting at Central Saint Martins, his coconut radios in Brazil and his hand crafted 'split box shelving units (i believe his first commercial piece thats being produced by SCP) and the differences between making unique one off art pieces and creating work for production.That's where we began, but as each speaker introduced themselves and their work an interesting two way flow of interactive conversations between the experts and the audience developed which took the themes on unexpected diversions.

Paul Austin Libby Sellers

Renowned Swedish Interior Designer Martin Brudnizki discussed tailoring retail and interior design to the client and the consumer (its all in the detail!) Paul Austin, from MadeThought the design consultancy behind the packaging for Stella McCartney 'Care' parfume discussed the finer points of re-branding and guerilla gallerist Libby Sellers, supporter of emerging design talent, shared her experience of hosting design exhibitions in temporary locations around the world. A very good evening! I learnt lots of things I didn't know I needed to know there's much more on the LS:N 'Seed' channel. I left early after I joined the Rough Luxe hotel tour party to go late night shopping at the supermarket!! (me and my polar opposite life it constantly goes from one extreme to the other..)

thank you to Lilian Liem for her images!

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