Pointers For Girls..

I've been a fan of Pointer for boys for a bit but some how the girls shoe missed my radar. Where ever possible I go for comfortable covers for my feet (especially when I'm chasing the toddler round the park!) so the London based independent footwear brand with the lo-fi aesthetic high comfort fit have my attention.
We like fun and a light hearted approach to the serious business of fashion and the people at Pointer with their good sense of fun who name their shoes after people and places, and quote art, music, history and breakfast!? in their design get the point..er ! They seem to like playful contrasts, delightful details and original graphic artwork. Red suede bootees called 'Judy'.. (of the Garland and Oz kind maybe?) that look like they've been designed with a musical muse in mind.
Not shy of colour they neatly balance bright flashes of brilliance with classic neutral colour (brown leather plimmies called Hesperus). The collection takes in sneakers and boat shoes, stitched-down traditional's and click-three-times heels. As they say .. "Pointer do not care much for collectibles, nor for crippling oneself in the pursuit of fashion.. Pointer just wants to play" as a super added bonus spotted a few pairs left in the The Three Threads sale on-line.. £31.00! .. 40% off..






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