Vibe Magazine 1993-2009

The past 8 days have been unsettling, I'm wondering whether anything is sacred? apparently not? After 16 years and a couple of owners r&b, hip hop monthly Vibe Magazine shut its door on June 30th as the editorial team were working on the Micheal Jackson tribute issue. Born to Quincy Jones in 1993 then taken over by the Wicks Group in 2006 Vibe was known for in 360 degree perspective on music culture.
As print and digital media battle over readers Vibe struggled to maintain its popularity and circulation figures. But right in the thick of the drama the magazines Fashion Director
Memsor Kamarake cranked up Vibes style content to full blast. As soon as I saw the first 'breaking news' emails started arriving from various sources I was a tad worried, after all we talking livelihood in a recession here! I didn't manage to catch up with Memsor until this evening and smile as I listen to him all fill he me in. He now has time to be at home, relax, tidy his apartment, organise plans for his family at home in Seirra Leone, and not surprisingly he's ridiculously together.
After 15 years, Memsor maintaining his togetherness, is a given, if he didn't I would be worried. As I rambled on about change and how the world and the universe look very different to how they did 10 years ago (I'm a Taurean, we're not great with change) He reminds me that, so the terrain is shifting and yes its unsettling, the very things in your space, part of your daily noise are no longer a given. Nothing is protected from that uncertainy BUT tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then the days after will be a good day in other words dont take what you have granted and hold it togther and keep moving.

He's the former Fashion Director and anything but typical! he's telling me he's getting well meaning emails and texts telling him everythings going to work out and be just fine. And actually they sound more worried than he does! He doesn't sound like he's in a nightmare, why? because he's taking time out to get some well deserved r & r, he has projects and offers ! (watch this space) remains positive, focused and ambitious. Was he was listening to my suggestions to jump on the Internet, maybe? and maybe Quincy Jones will follow Ram Shergill's DRAMA Magazine and Wound Media Wound digital and launch Vibe Digital.. we'll keep you posted.

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