Bachanal Mas

We're missing the sneak peak picture of our Beauty Editor Chantal Miller modelling her costume but we have her here posing on the left and her baby sisters Ashley in the middle and Fallon posing on right. So please... welcome Bachanal Mas one of the biggest bands on the road at Notting Hill Carnival this year! I'm biasedly (sure that's not even a word!) supporting it because our Chantal is part of the troupe, have to put my hands up and admit that she sent us a picture which I think I've deleted.. but! I'm sure once the Bank Holiday is over I'll have a few pictures of the gorgeous costumes designed by talented costume designer Paul O'Donoghue. Please take note.. all costumes are designed and built in the UK and were completely sold out months in advance!!

By way of introduction this is Bachanal Mas' second year at Notting Hill Carnival formerly part of Masquerade 2000, the team have splintered off and branched out on its own. If your planning on getting on down to "C.. A..R..N..I..V..A..L" look out for Miss Chantal and the other happer Bachanal Mas campers on the new, exciting and dynmaic Bachanal Mas band wearing a gorgeous costumes in a display not to be missed.

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