Year Zero London

Who said conspicuous lux bling was done .. window shopping on Beak Street Year Zero London the store that will customise just about anything from a Hermes Kelly Bag to LV luggage dont do inconspicuous. I'm in the window taking pictures of the customised bag hanging off the mannequin with the missing finger and over my shoulder the store manager, or lady in charge of opening up is looking at me in not a nice way. Its not the outlandishly avantguard brains behind Year Zero's acidic palette, fashion designer slash art director Louise Michielsens. She looks nervous, by way of explanation i try to comfort her, hopefully better than her coffee, i'm not a counterfeiter, i'm a blogger taking pics for a post.
An explanation that had zero impact. The po faced, expressionless gaze offered me a card and sent me on my way before I got the chance to ask who was responsible for the artwork? So for the see me "cooo-eee" i'm over here set with love, it has to be love right otherwise I'd already be in bed asleep! These guys Year Zero London are unashamedly about being spotted on musicians, celebs and the like.. check out the hype on their blog

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becky said...

i think the guy who does the artwork is this guy got some nice stuff but doesn't look as if he updates very often