a hel-vetic-a good idea..

Hel-vetica because that's the name of a font and teepays about simple graphics and illustrations..howies the eco-friendly brand based in Wales ( and that's howies with a small h) teepay (..teepay with a small t) and sharing cake with the launch of a rather cool community inspired initiative. It's a simple concept, an online tee shirt community that designers can submit their graphic designs for consideration, if enough people order them, howies will print them onto their designs on to lovely organic tee shirts for men and women. teepays in a similar view as threadless the teeshirt brand that were pioneers in blending technology and ideas that bring together designers and teeshirt lovers online. teepay designers earn 10% royalties on each sale (or they can donate it to charity!) and get to hang on to the right to their designs. Howies support the teepay community by mucking in with marketing and PR so the more they sell the more they earn. Quite like the work of cool hand luke james illustrations, visit his portfolio website he's not bad! Look out for iamlaurie, superprecise (aka Joshua Willimas) Chrubble and Nicholas Saunders.

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