Illustrations By Fernanda Cohen

Tramando Window 13.08.09 - 6.09.09

Quite by accident, I came across the work of Fernanda Cohen via UK based Communications Agency Pocko People. A copy of Poko's newsletter was forwarded to me by someone who's twigged that I even though I have minus zero artistic ability, cant draw, paint, take a decent photograph (other than on my mobile!) i'm still a huge fan of the arts with a secret desire to one day metamorphosis, artistically speaking.
Until that day I continue to satisfy my interest by appreciating the beautiful works such as the artists in Pocko People international camp. Pocko People act as a connector between exceptionally talented artists and forward thinking brands. Thankfully the agency extends beyond the UK, for those who like me were unaware of award winning illustrator Fernanda Cohen. Cohen grew up in Buenos Aires and now resides in Brooklyn, New York.
Feeling like a latecomer I'm quickly becoming a fan of Cohens free-style hand, hand drawn gouache filled portfolio of work. She's in the windows of high-end, high-profile Argentinian textile designer Martin Churba until 6th Sept. She has a solo show coming up in Buenos Aires at the prestigious Centro Cultural Borges, she's illustrating a book with bestselling 'self help' author Karen Salmansohn called "Prince Harming Syndrome", and she's designing t-shirts for Gap (RED) campaign line. In the grande artistic scheme of things this is why what Pocko does works so well, bringing talent to new international audiences.

images courtesy of Pocko / Gap RED images courtesy Lost at E Minor


POCKO said...

Can not wait for Fernada's T-Shirt to make into Gap Stores!

Style Canteen said...

Hey Pocko thanks for stopping by..

loving the russian dolls!