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LOVE N 2 / Sid the bunny

Opened the front door to take out the recycling, my neighbour up stairs flat, who's convinced I brought swine flu into the building put a package on the door step. Opened it up, its the bumper advanced preview copy of Love Magazine N 2. Under 21's only (ranging from 12-21), inspired editorial dedicated to the international youts dem, inspired because the young folk featured come from different backgrounds, cultures, communities, lifestyles.

Alex Kennedy BMX freestyler, 20 / 'it' chickette blogger Tavi Style Rookie, 13

Jahmaal Fyffe aka Chipmunk, 18 / Perri Shakes Drayton 400m hurdles racer, 20

Inspired because LOVE's not a teen glossy, its aimed at grown folk but not doubt its cool status appeals to all on the fashion zeitgeist. Here's a few of my favourites and couple of pages of
The Cool stuff..

Mahlon Baker London schoolboy / Top Marley Lohr student & model, 19 :
Bottom Bip Ling press officer & club promoter, 19

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen model, 18 /Katie Jarvis actress & mum (Fish Tank), 17

Coco Sumner singer / songwriter, 18 (Sting & Trudie's baby girl)

These get so much bad press that I love it when the good stuff comes to the surface.. hearing about positive young folk, going about there daily teenage lives doing what they love with passion. For a moment I wish those years of unpredictable high and lows back again, imaging that at 12!! I could have been together enough to get it together, have the confidence to believe in my own abilities have fun and making it, whatever guise it takes, work.

Elizabeth Stonem actress (Skins) 14 / Comme des Garcon SHIRT ad

Tweenage indie sensations Poppy & the Jezebels, 17-18 /Adwoa Maria Caitlin Aboah
model & student, 17

Out on the news stands Monday 24th August

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