Seize the Day..

People are touched by pain and loss everyday somewhere in the world. The past 12 months has been particularly heartbreaking, it runs close to home when friends and family member around you. I'm not intentionally trying to dampen spirits but life happens. A very lovely friend of my family is going through a particularly rough time, I wanted to let here know we're thinking of her and her family and hoping we'll see a bit of the sunshine back in her tail real soon.. Its important to share the ups and the downs.. highs and lows so here and here's an opportunity to really help make a difference.
"You may not know but 10 years ago fashion photographer Corinne Day was diagnosed with a tumour on her brain. She has endured years of surgery and treatment which has proven unsuccessful. She has suffered heartbreak and hardship and as she has not been able to work for the past year, she has exhausted all her finances. Her only option to continue battling this severe illness is specialist treatment in Arizona which has a very high success rate. If Corinne does not get this treatment there is no hope for her. The treatment is very expensive and we have all come together to try and raise the money needed which is in the realm of £100,000. There is no time left and we have to find funds for her in the next two weeks. To achieve this a limited Edition of 300 prints of a previously unpublished image of Kate Moss is being released. The unique 5x7 prints on archival fibre paper will be signed by Kate Moss and authenticated by Corinne’s fingerprint..v>

You have the opportunity to purchase this unique image at the special price of £100.
This will raise some of the money towards the treatment. The condition of purchase is that the print will not be purchased for re-sale. It is for your personal enjoyment and therefore sales will be on a first come first served basis. Specifically you may not sell or offer for sale the print on any Internet or website auction or through any commercial gallery or outlet for the period of three years, expiring 31st July 2012. We do hope you can all contribute to ‘Save the Day’ and help keep this wonderful groundbreaking photographer alive and healthy. Corinne is a very big and important part of our industry and we know you will all want to be involved in saving her"

... Carole White, Kate Phelanfont>, Georgina Cooper, Tiggyont> Maconochie, Paul Hunt, Neil Moodiefont>, Karl Plewkafont>, Kate Moss thank you for your generosity

100% of proceeds go to Corinne Day For further information about how you can help please call +44 (0)20 7333 0888 or email wise, please collect from Premier Model office: 40-42 Parker Street, London WC2B 5PQ.

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