Things She Makes

Marie Molterer is, she's the seriously lovely, humble lady over at Things I Make but don't let the cutesy arts and crafts sounding blog throw you. As I blog she's counting down the days, finalising edits of her new collection of tevtiles to be unveiled at Indigo Salon Paris, part of Premiere Vision fabric fair.
Marie was the lucky star selected out of 24 other star designers at Texprint 2009. The printed neo-prene bolero jacket pulled together solid, flat matt red a bold pattern and a high standard of production. Her efforts won her the spot at Indigo Paris, £750 and the Texprints Chairmans Prize, an award selected by the VIP audience of textile and fashion industry guests who attended TEXPRINTS First View exhibition last month. The winner of the prize is generally applauded as the best of best, a good indicator of whose work will do well at Indigo.
I joined guests at Hobbs Bloomsbury in Central London for Texprints presentation by Nicky Dulieu, CEO of Hobbs and Julius Schofield, Chairman of Texprint. Texprint supports young talent so I was keen to catch up with Marie and thankfully she agreed to chat to me and my Flip digi cam about her time at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

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