Towards the end of last semester at the London College of Fashion the Strategic Fashion Marketing and the Design Management class of '08-09 were invited to enter a brief for an integrated marketing audit.The brief included creating an original communications plan for the Marketing Director of luxury group Asprey. Joining forces with Marianne Bekdash and Bharathi Lakshimnarayanan and! meeting with Collyn Ahart Chipperfield (the brains behind London Digital Week) was highly fruitful, our brief came in the top 3! not bad considering there were over 18 submissions. So although the winning brief didn't have our names on it we're pretty chuffed with the results!
As a team we were inspired by the art work of award winning Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, and an idea developed around the Asprey A-Cut diamonds and Yoshioka's crystal installations, a collaborative project that would be designed to celebrate art, luxury, innovation and craftsmanship. A full crystal throne, a mash-up between the majestic and the fantastical.
Yoshioka grows his crystal installations around fibres moulded into a form or structure and tends to it growth like any proud gardener would of a prize creation. Resembling an ice installation, the results are amazing, extraordinary even and the final exhibition space is breathtaking.. We fell in love with the idea and on the grape vine we heard that Asprey did too..

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