e.g... S/S 2010

You know how we love fashion film, well 'metro sexual' womenswear label (I believe that's metro sexual, balancing both symbols ♂+♀!)e.g... a new label aimed at strong, confident pretty young things have taken the innovative route to market. This season they're launching their S/S 2010 collection as a short film online before London Fashion Week in place of the traditional catwalk. e.g's... film noir short film includes a cast of acting models, including Britain's Next Top Model finalist Annaliese Dayes and a crew in a dimly lit, moody car park in East London. Taking advantage of the massive popularity of video and social media e.g's... S/S10 collection goes live, direct to the public at 9am this morning.

Fashion communication is totally changing, as an industry thats depends on creativity and innovation sometimes we can be a tad slow of the mark but once we hit the ground running, we run with it. Fashion film, digital fashion video's, short film how ever you choose to define them have been around in this format, as a promotional tool since the mid to late 1980's. The success of MTV, music videos and the now extinct VCR (remember VHS tapes!) was a very attractive option for designers like Norma Kamali known for her shoulder pads and sleeping bag coats, Kamali was the first to totally integrate the medium into her marketing plan, producing videos like 'Shoulder Pad Song'. An expensive option in the 80's but with the falling costs of production, free distribution on the Internet and the ground breaking efforts of SHOWstudio paving the way e.g…committed to social media as the total focus for the launch of their new collection.

One of the reasons they chose a fashion film was the opportunity it provides to form intimate relationships with new communities and buyers, which will turn into direct sales through the e.g... website. So at 9.00 am today the short film for the new SS10 collection will officially go live on e.g… YouTube, selected blogs and other social media sites. Creative Director Emma Griffith who comes from a background of working with Alexander McQueen and Boudicca has created a collection with a heavy dose of 80s power dressing, style icons Grace Jones & Joan Collins, big shoulders (there they are again) strong silhouettes, sharp lines, luxurious fabrics and body con contours. One lucky viewer who logs on to to watch the film and leaves a comment could be £500 up with a gift voucher to spend in e.g.. Remember! you have to watch the video on egss10.co.uk to qualify.

e.g... s/s10
Directed by Alex Jefferey
Produced by Creative Nation

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