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Nick Knight in the Live Studio & Naomi Campbell welcomes you to Fashion Revolution..

This is a face to remember, Nick Knight the influential fashion photographer behind SHOWstudio. After spending three hours totally immersing myself in 'Fashion Revolution' I return from the playground feeling like a spectator straddling both sides of an interactive fence. Having watched many of the projects on-line, on the SHOWstudio website. The live incarnation is an exciting and inspiring experience thats beautifully fully timed with the changes taking place in the industry.

Fashion Revolution is impressive, its a big show divided into three - Process, Performance and Participation. Be prepared to take in alot including the crazy disorientating mirror room, a 25 ft exhibit of Naomi Campbells body sculpted out of polystyrene from 3-D scanning technology, the answerphone project Phonecarte, Gareth Pugh's Fash-Off, and the Sleep project. The icing on the cake has to be the Live Studio events featuring world class photographers at work and the Fashion Film room.

A couple of personal highlights, I had the opportunity to talk with Nick Knight for a couple of minutes while he was in-between interviews. We chatted about blogging, The Times and his new book 'Nick Knight' and he kindly posed for a photograph. How ironic is it that i'm taking a picture of the man thats changing the face of fashion imagine making on my Flip Mino, my ultra low tech image maker of choice! The other thing that happened was random, I'm sitting in the 'Fashion Film' screening room watching the Yoox film Portent, a lady comes in and ushers me in to a tour, without question or thinking I go.. as you can tell I knew nothing about. So I join the tour guide Penny Martin Professor of Fashion Imagery at LCF for an well informed walk around the exhibition. Unbeknown to me I'd joined Margot Senoir's group of international journalists, hardly international coming from London. Couldn't figure it out at first but I think I understand some of the strange looks I was getting, especially when I opened my mouth to ask Nick Knight a question or three at the end of the tour. Well at least thats what I think it was..

Synaesthesia the 'sound of clothes' is haunting and beautiful. An interactive 'soundscape' installation, each section of the photograph of Nicolas Ghesquiere jacket from his S/S 2006 collection has a different piece of the music embedded into it . As you move the mouse across the jacket so does the star lite music. Nick Knight's original idea was based on what senses a photographer uses to know when they have the perfect image before moving on to the next.. "perceptions that relies on senses beyond sight" Malcolm Gladwell would call this 'thin slicing', kind of like an intuitive response memory that you act on without knowing or thinking (if that makes sense). The future of fashion communication and the way its shifting and engaging interdisciplinarily! is amazing, the possibilities seem endless [Concept by Nick Knight, Jacket by Nicolas Ghesquiere S/S 2006, music composed by Nick Ryan, digital artistry by Daniel Brown]

Mirror Room / from Political Fashion N. Knight & Beth Ditto

17th Sept - 20 December 2009
Somerset House
The Strand
London WC2R 1LA

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