As I gear up for fashion week I'm thinking about people, things and places that i crossed paths with that stood out over the past few months I think of Fraubraun. This past summer, as we struggled to have a summer! Fraubraun is one of those that popped a difference. Vintage fashion website Fraubraun, it really shouldn't have been so interesting but I guess its because we really do consume images of the perfect image. But real women wear vintage right, and this was very interesting to see really top quality vintage gowns some of which dated back to the tiny waists of the 1920 modelled by real woman.
Fräulein Stefanie Braun the younger..
On the left and right the inspiration behind Fraubraun Stefanies mum, the original Frau Braun!
The whole concept is the the baby of Stefanie Braun, the gowns on the walls were the same gown worn in the self portrait shoot for the on-line store. Stefanie came up with the idea of creating a shoot built around the every day woman, actually its more than that. For some it might be risky, no fashion 'models', no fashion gloss. Its showing off beautiful pieces on bodies that look like ours. When I say ours I mean average and regular. Have a look through her on-line store. Each item is unglamoursly glam! My theory is that the intimacy comes from the ladies posing having fun playing dress up, you get a entirely different uncorrupted self expressed finish.
Fraubrauns first selling event happens in about 8 weeks, so this is early promo.
Sunday 8th November 12-6pm at the Rag Factory 16-18 Heneage Street off Brick Lane E1.
At the event, if they havent all sold out you'll have the chance to try on items from the online catalogue, discover new pieces and other objects and also take your own photograph in your
favourite Fraubraun dress.
rescued from someone else's odds and trash ends the latest addition to Amanda's vintage box collection

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