Signs & Symbolisims

The theme for the new issue of Wound Magazine is the "the big game" ..when asked what the BIG GAME '09 story is all about the lovely Nora Nona replied I chose to work with the players using the illusion of emotions. The games we play, toying with each others emotion. The challenge was how was she planned to play this out over an 8 page spread..

To get the juices flowing, the starting point, the story opener is inspired by a broken throbbing, bleeding heart. "I’d grown up with this image and what it represents and for me its message is deeply ingrained .. it stands for hope, love, pain, betrayal, suffering, passion that was all the emotions I needed". Beauty editing deals with all sorts taking no prisoners, Nora added a heart made up from real meat, "big gashes where cut into the meat then it was sewn back together with black thread.. representing how easily our heats can be torn apart! We put on a brave face and pretend every thing's OK but the scares are still there. For added impact she also drove nails into the heart (a subliminal message) then heart it to the models chest (symbolic).
Not wanting to be too serious with my work, I needed to inject a little humour, which lead into feelings of hope, a graphic stencil of the word FUN was stencilled on the models face. The word FUN back to front "UNFUNFUNFUNF" and funnily enough this had a look of old biblical lettering. Bright swells of colour in the centre of the hands representing Stigmata, allowed me to move into the next image. Swells of colour on the face was a pattern used to represent the stigmata, the constant changing of emotions. I was going to try and tell the rest of my story through individual emotions so I've covered tears of joy, inspired by Peter Saville then anger, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, gossip the suffocation of verbalisation (we all know that one). All of the above are in the current issue of Wound magazine. Nora encourages readers to "look deep and if it touches you I have succeeded in showing you a little of me"...

Photographs courtesy of Jillian Lochner
Styling by Samson Soboye

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