Crazy Fam Irvoll

Christmas is coming and the geese .. well i have no idea what’s happening to the geese but there is a kooky knitwear brand that Alice in Wonderland might like. Norweigan designer FamIrvoll is so close to the verge of craziness with her madhattered wonderland inspired collection you can almost hear Alice reciting "what is the use of a sweater without a sequined house perched on your shoulder or a novellious cupcake centerpiece swathed around your neck or maybe some candy coloured liquorice allsorts excitement instead"

Following a successful stint at Saint Martins, where she completed a BA in knitwear, no stone is left unturned in Fam’s desire to create unique yet decidedly fun garments that bring a raised eyebrow smile to ones face. Variety makes life spicy right and FamIrvoll counts cartoons and children’s books through to East London clubbers classics Boombox, Ponystep and Trailer Trash as stimulants for her creativity. Not everybody is going to like this collection but with such a display of confidence i'm guessing FamIrvoll doesnt give a gnats elbow! Keep an eye out for her SS10 collection, which promises more tongue in cheek effects than a 1960’s Carry On film!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love this designer.....check out her show at oslo fashion week on youtube......

:o) Tia Missoni

Anonymous said...

<3 <3