All Walks Beyond The Catwalk

If you missed it the image industry is being prodded into taking a stand to include a far more diverse range of models into current extremely narrow repertoire. The All Walks initiative is pioneered by Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne, Erin O'Connor and Susan Ringwood. They have a simple goal in a vein similar to Collens Real Women and the Goks Wans plus size ladies who road test his fashion picks.

"To challenge the imagery coming out of London Fashion Week and represent real women more realistic range of women, in age, size and race, than standards currently offer. The project has the potential to grow in terms of reach, education and, ultimately, influence.Diverse is size, shape, age and although it doesn't specify one hopes race and ethnicity. "

All Walks Beyond the Catwalk from ALL WALKS BEYOND THE CATWALK on Vimeo.

Director Jay Rodans All Walks Beyond the catwalk documentary..

"Awareness has been raised by showcasing the work of 8 cutting-edge designers on a 8 professional models aged between 18-65 and size 8-16, as a celebration of individuality and diversity. First, it needed a name. All Walks Beyond the Catwalk was conceived; and to be a success with the fashion press, not just the buyers, the event had to happen from the heart of London Fashion Week. Caryn, Erin and Debra also knew they needed to appeal to the top names in the industry to help pull it off"

I'd like this post to join the other supporters of 'All Walks' and other voices like Naomi Campbell, Nick Knight, Vivienne Westwoord et al who are vocal about the lack of diversity in contemporary fashion imagery. And make an earnest petition to the influential gatekeepers to lend a ear or a lens to a extremely important message..


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for suporting us. It makes a difference and we are all really appreciative. It took a big effort to launch 'All Walks" and create a campaign that focuses on a such a sensitive subject in a credible enough way for the fashion industry.
All the best,

Debra Bourne.
Co Founder - All Walks Beyond the Catwalk

leigh said...

Hello Debra
your very welcome! I'll be looking out for updates