Art of the Trench

What is it about social media that so beguiling? Burberry recently launched its Art of the Trench website. And we have to say the brands sharp focus on its heritage staple the classic trench and the polished and pretty people who wear them is alright in effective stacks.
A promotional 'social media' microsite thats shared on twitter, delicious and facebook features photographs taken by the 'straight up' blogger The Sartorialist Scott Schuman.
Curious visitors create a personalised selection of images by using filters, the expected categories like gender and colour are there. On top of that you get a bit of humour trench's and rain are synonymous with British weather right! So with that in mind the boys and girls at Burb's have included searching by weather wet, bright and cloudy and if you want the full effect you can add styling to the list to get an idea of what that might look like belted or undeleted! Overall the whole project we rate it! It adds a touch of street cred to Burberry.

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