Beatnik-vs-Akemnji Last Train To Paris

Wakey wakey its 9am! "London's always freezing cold in March".. (oh goosh that's so true.) and so say the lyrics of the new track from the flaming hot duo and very nice musicians.. its BEATNIKS vs Akemnji "Last Train To Paris". Why do i sound like a VJ on Top of the Pops or something ! but If your feeling electro and in need of a morning pick me up have a listen to electronic sounds from London, Brother and sister compadres Beatnik . The track's all about being in love and stuff, personally not a great moment for me, not the track. I'm just not lucky in the love department actually I'd go so far as to say darn right unlucky but anyway. Back to Beatniks, DJ Nicky and Statis have a listen Last Train to Paris is bubbling click here for the free download or listen to it on Soundcloud .. enjoy

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