Jada Style

There’s a common thread that runs through stylists and fashionista’s alike, after trying their creative hands in styling they gather their experiences, wealth of contacts and fashion secrets and set up shop. This has pretty much been the case for lipstick entrepreneur (curious?..read all about these special ladies on Jezebel) Jada Pollock. Trading under the 'Jada Styles' 25 year old Jada hasn’t giving up styling completely, rather she's mashed it all up and has styling, image consulting, personal shopping, and now boutique owner to add to her credentials. Retailing both on and offline in a small self named e-store and buzzer only access boutique on London's Kings Road. She has a taste for lux brands that have an air of prem league footballers about it, like Takeshy Kurosawa and a little liking for blingy rosary's nothing like faithful fashion eh! So we're new to Jada's choice in Takeshy Kurosawa and had a rummage to see what else the brands up to.

Found the making of A/W 09 video on YouTube and as you know already we're having a moment watching and embedding digital fashion videos so although Takeshy isn't particularly concept led its definitely a move in the digital direction and its alright.. a bit of fun .. if your into taking your mannequin for a walk!

Pepper Okwesa


Takeshy Kurosawa said...

Takeshy Kurosaws is good brand. but in U.S. is't very common. for the sake of baying jeans don't go to Europe..

style canteen said...

Hello Takeshy Kurosawa
thanks for your comment.. so Europe isnt the best outlet for your brand? can you recommend the best retailers to visit if any one is visiting the US?