Vuk Vidor Broken Heroes

Have been feeling quite sad of late, too much stuff keeps on happening, it's kind of relentless really everything from serious ill health which is the worst bit to the annoying washer dryer finally being taken away to the white goods highway. To a leak from my neighbour upstairs causing my kitchen ceiling to cave in, too the pressures of dissertation writing my confidence has taken a teeny beating and flown south. A bit like Vik Vidors fallen super heroes. Not that I'm a super she hero or anything but when I got the invitation to painter come multi medium artist Vuk Vidor solo show Superheroes it struck a chord.

Tonight 6-9 pm at the Magda Danysz gallery Vuk Vidor reflects his perspective on current events namely the influence of the ultra power the United States and the plight of its fallen super invincibles. American comic book style illustration depicting super-heroes as a little sad even pathetic and dejected by the very system they fight to protect.. Did Captain America fully understand the risks he was taking? but then does anyone especially where loves concerned. Vidor's illustrations show the super heroes hero lost and without super power. He dies the ultimate death inflicted by evil over good, Vidors Captain America is crucified.

Vidor uses large format painting, laser cut sculpture and an extra installation in the project room about the ego of the artist presenting himself as a hero in a statue made of gold. Combining spiritual depth and comic symbols he demonstrate that "even the super-heroes can’t save us any more, not even from a recession. Vuk Vidor’s heroes aren't strong enough to carry the American dream, now thats sad..

Preview tonight 28 nov 2009 6-9PM
Galerie Magda Danysz 78 rue Amelot
Paris 11

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