Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream Beak Street W1

Spent an hour at the Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream satellite temporary store. + private view of Neil Bedford + Billionaire Boys/Ice Cream + N*E*R*D opening last Friday. By the time we arrived it was, how you say a little short on space. A near road block guests spilled out the store onto Beak Street to see 9 wall mounted photographs and maybe 10 samples from BBC / Ice Cream own brand of preppy.

Standing around taking it in it all made sense, more than fashion, art and music. The invite hinted that Pharrell was supposed to make an appearnce. I may have missed him but the closest we got was the life size visual in the window..

Waiting patiently in the queue to get me nails Wah'd up Wah Nails nail bar

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