Richard Sorger / Convience Store

pictures by Shaniqwa

We're at the launch of the Richard Sorger A-Z collaboration at Andrew Ibi's Convenience Store. Richards know for his pairing of inconspicuous glamour its his signature style and I love sequins so it wasn't difficult to warm to all the pieces, its bespoke and special and we loved it. Andrews reputation preceded him came highly recommend by a mutual friend and everyone in area knows about his quirky store in its unusual location.

Richard Sorger & Andrew Ibi Shopkeeper @ The Convenience Store

I read up on Sorger and found out that he's been designing since 2006 and worked with Swarovski Unbridled project, Victoria & Albert Museum, Meadham Kirchhoff, Manolo Blahnik (for Meadham Kirchhoff) and ASOS. He writes, co-authoring The Fundamentals of Fashion and he's a part-time lecturer at Middlesex University, London.

Samson & Shaniqwa

Most of the beautifully designed hand sequined pieces just sort of hung from the ceiling, twirling around glistening on jersey and silk or rested on mannequins as the live model for the evening mingled with guests. We loved the DJ's selection, but it was all pretty decent so we maintained the status quo and had a teeny wiggle to a couple of rare groove tracks.

The good folk at Cube PR & Kali Arulpragaasam (left) Creative Director @ Super Fertile

images by me & some by shaniqwa jarvis

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