Hannah Zakari Presents Eclectic Shockers

I've always had a special love for charm bracelets, I guess it's because when I was younger, my mum bought me a charm bracelet and every now and again she would come home with new charms for it, I would then jingle my wrists all day in delight. I think Hannah Zakari has just brought back the love again with their new accessories range-Eclectic Shockers. The collection is full of handmade, statement pieces, with charm bracelets and necklaces that come with unique vintage trinkets, animal charms and even working clocks-magical! These are definitely ones for the quirky girlies or vintage darlings. What I love most are the rusty colour effect of some of the charms that could of been a bracelet your grandma gave you or a great vintage find combined with the sparkly, jewels that fit right into today's trends.

These eclectic accessories are perfect for the Christmas treats and of course now you don't have to spoil your Christmas party dress with that wrist watch.


Pepper Okwesa

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adelaide said...

I love charm bracelets too. The two above are very pretty.