Oh Golly it the Cannibals

Right across the road from BBC / Icecream pop up shop is Year Zero London. Year Zero court controvesy and my guess is this display was meant to raise eyebrows. These two tee's are hanging of Tupac Shakur and Jay Z carboard cut outs. Beleive it or not the graphics do include the face of marmalade gollywog. The graphics are hard to read but they make reference to man eating cannibals and human bones. I'm an open minded sort before jumping to conclusions, I called Year Zero to get there perspective, below is the reply..

me: hi "i'm calling about the t-shirts you had in the window on Friday night, they have a golly wog face, cannibals and bones, hanging of 2Pac and JayZ hanger"

YZL: yes we have them in stock, they're £45-00 we've just changed the windows..

me: No.. actually.. i'm calling about the print.. who designs them?"

YZL: They're Year Zero prints owned by us.

me: so, are they making some sort of political statement?

YZL: "no"

me: so, what are they trying to say?

YZL: nothing political, some people like them some people dont.. we have some saying f*** Christmas to

me: yes I know I've seen them..

YZL: actually we sell our products to Beyonce, JayZ and other celebs and musicians.

At which point I'm looking at my mobile thinking its 2009.. this is a bizarre conversation.. do they realise this may cause offence ? Evidently not, my bad its just me who's raising eyebrows. Beyonce and Jay Z are Year Zero clients we'll that jolly good then! In the bid to stand out in a crowd, being different has 'zero' boundaries. Style is what we love, yes, but I have to be honest this clodhopper, stomp it out, irreverent, freedom of speech, no matter message. Is, as my mum would say 'aesthetically, not pleasing'!

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Community College said...

Hmmm they don't seem very self aware at all. Kudos for calling them to get their side of things before posting, no blogs ever do that. Impressive.