Fashioning A SixthSense

Happy New Year world! I'm excited.. its sale time in London.
I haven't left the flat in a week mainly because i'm in the wake,
study, eat cycle of editing my dissertation. In between that and
filling my shopping baskets in the on-line sales and i'm watching
Pranav Mistry demonstrate his sixthsense augmented reality
technology on TED. I live on the my laptop and my mobile and the
technology Pranav's mind has conceived is AMAZING! I cannot
stress how HOT this is. Mistry and MIT and making this open
source software which means anyone even me! if i had the techie brain
capacity to write and build my own devices!.. not a very fashion
and certainly not very style related post (the device reminded me
of the an outfit the Clangers might wear!) But when something is
this good it moves way beyond irrelevant detail.
Anyway the wrapping always catches up to the goodies

Sixthsense is like bridge that crosses the divide between
the real and digital worlds its a "wearable device that enables new
on the palm of your hand or a piece of paper in the same way
that you use a computer screen except that sixthsense is better.
Imagine the freedom of carrying your digital world around with you
and using any surface as a screen!! Its the ultimate, ultimate
possibility in gadgetry! You have to check this out.

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