On|Off LFW 19th-23rd February

Talking to a music man recently, about whats keeping us both busy over the next month he talked about show reels and album projects and I talked about digital video and London Fashion Week (which runs from 19th-23rd Feb) "what ... AGAIN!" was his perplexed reply.. but it was just fashion week the other day! And actually for someone who's doing life beyond fashion, he is absolutely right. LFW seem to comes round quicker every season, the effects of fast fashion turn-around.. surely not! Last season Vauxhall Fashion Scout moved and this season its the turn of On|Off , they're being re-housed at Victoria House their new venue in Bloomsbury Square London WC1. Looking forward to seeing who's on their catwalk, and you know we love their take on presentations and exhibitions so we'll heading there too and ..we hear hearing their planning a party there too..

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samson soboye said...

Like the new beauty update and the big up for WAH nails - Dalston is now too hip for school.
Where is the next too cool for school in London
answers on a post-it...
Samson Soboye