A.Hallucination A/W 2010

Strange things are happening, I'm warming to men's wear.. having gone from being massively unaware to fairly odd bewilderment this worm has turned a little. I have been paying more attention to men's fashion than I have in the past. I've always loved a guy a suit, especially Savile Row pinstripe. I prefer men to be men, nice gentlemen of course, in style and in attitude but! the blurring of lines between men's and women's silhouettes, have a relaxed softer aesthetic but still say's Man and I finally get it..

With that it's good time to introduce a label that launched this season.. A-Hallucination, is the partnership between CSM alumni Chung Chung Lee and Hwan Sung Park. They announced their first collection "The First Peal" a few days ago, I wasn't able to get there, time is not my friend at the moment, but Chung Chung sent over some images from the presentation at the Korean Cultural Center. To quote A.Hallucination the collection blends modern and classic the ‘modern English dandy inspired by London's iconic architecture. It’s like how the Saint Paul Cathedral and Millennium Bridge perfectly compliment each other in style, attitude and a trusted neutral palette. A.Hallucination.. ones to watch, good luck and looking forward to next season..

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