David Koma Zips A/W 10

David Koma was an unexpected surprise, being new to his aesthetic it took me a moment
to get it. Mid way through the show I watched the reaction on the front row, they were studying the collection as it came down the catwalk. From what I over heard in the press lounge his body con silhouettes were expected, it was his heavy geo-sculptured zipper embellishment that got the most attention. Watch the clip of the finale parade and you'll see what I'm talking about.
David Koma does beautiful things with zips!!

He ran with the zipping trend, gold and silver 'zip cone spines' brought the shine to matt black and grey's. Leather and wool were cut into tonal patchwork and quilt patterns on models that were dare I say it.. a little pale, almost powered puffed down. And maybe that was the plan to make sure that the simple cut, tailored collection of mini dresses, skirts, jackets, a calf length leather coat had no competition from blank canvas'.

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