Eva Zingoni .. The Art of Listening

batwing satin silk round-neck + blue silk bias border

metallic wool cuffed short-sleeved v-neck tunic dress

Eva Zinoni made exclusively in workshops in France.

2 picks from Eva Zingoni limited edition recovered collection spotted via a link on LS:N global. I am very, very partial to the indigo bat-wing tunic. Beauteously loose fitting, loving the way these tunics conceal ones cuddle bit's. Zingoni's dresses maybe on the short to thigh high side out of necessity.. she cuts them premium fabrics recovered from end of rolls, offcuts etc from french fashion brands. So each piece is a one of a kind unique garment. Zingoni makes garments to fit the fabric, sounds a little spun but her if by “listening” to her materials she creates these beautifully tailored designs than there is much to said to said for the art of listening.

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