H by Harris Co + L A/W 2010

When the resident 4 year old granpa in my home saw the invite to H by Harris LFW A/W 10/11
presentation 'Manoeuvre' he shreeked.. 'he's holding fire while he's on a bike.. that's not good!' words of wisdom, from the mouth of babes as they say..! And actually he was spot on, Fixed H by Harris forthcoming fashion film does has a few potentially painful scenes but these are not actors, these are seasoned professional fixed gear cyclists. Without fixing too much away Fixed is exciting, it has the best dressed, fire fire fighting cyclists I've ever seen..! Its well planned and has great direction courtesy of Manny Bonnett. It wont be released for a couple of weeks yet so while we wait, an update on the new lines coming soon to H by Harris.
The portfolio has some wonderful new A/W additions, Co for (Courier) and L for (Laundry). It has colour, new outwear and even some womens wear. Its travels effortlessly while passing through familiar territory landscapes 'Manoeuvre' H by Harris A/W 2010 presentation took its inspiration from the spirit of couriers and fixed gear cyclists. Got my bets on the oversized pieces and the bright colour ways. Look out for the fitted hunter jacket a pair of womens quilted leather leggings, they are seriously bad!

I enjoyed seeing H by Harris, Harris and his assistant Em Dillion were great hosts. By the time I left the Harris room I was officially in serious liking with Mens day. Its early days yet but like I said before it's a totally different atmosphere surprisingly laid back, its a different kind of fashion beast. In place of the headless manic and it spite of the very serious business expectations there was an infectious light heartedness that brought fun and a little bit of laughter alongside the serious networking in a way that only the fella's can do. In the midst of all that charming'ness I was even presented with the opportunity to pick Lumix DMC-TZ5 camera which I bought for a song!

Manny Bonnett
Director of Manoeuvre

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